NAO Studios x Eyes of Light Foundation Ghana

Social justice means, above all, appreciation from everyone involved. 
We value people over growth and profit.

Who made my clothes?

There is no large, professional production facility behind NAO.
Instead, the seamstresses of the training program of the Eyes of Light Foundation, Ghana, sew the NAO products.
It is about (women's) empowerment. With the profession of seamstress, the young women and men can earn their own living and support their community.
They learn to work in processes and get a comprehensive insight into the fashion business with new machines, different fabrics, qualities and fits. With NAO Studios we want to strengthen creativity and commitment and open a new world of possibilities to live a free, independent and happy life.

  • Barikisu, 26 years

    "It`s important for seamstresses to have a strong understanding of sewing knowledge and skills because it can allow them to perform teir job duties well."

  • Seamstress_Habiba

    Habiba, 21 years

    "The project will help me green and better my life. It helps me exercise creativity and improve dexterity. It will create a job opportunity for me and others and its a great  opportunity for any african brother and sister."

  • Rahmat, 19 years

    "The Job as a Seamstress means a lot to me because you may be creative in doing things but sewing is a huge confidence booster as it takes good planning and concentration and that is what I enjoy doing."

  • Sharifa, 20

    "Seamstress is my hobby, the job I like to do. Because it will help me in the future to make more designs and styles in my life. And it will make me acquire knowledge and skills in my life."

  • Salwa, 18 years

    "The project has lifted me from idleness to doing something meaningful in life."

  • Lizzy, 19 years

    "It is my idea to be a seamstress. It can help me improve my life. Because of Eyes of Lights i have a chance to be a seamstress."

  • Hajara

    New apprentices in her first year of training.

  • Firdaus

    New apprentices in her first year of training.

  • Barikisu

    New apprentices in her first year of training.

  • Abdul Sameed

    "This is going to make me a great fashion designer in the near future."

  • Raouf

    The new teacher for the tailor training program.

Mohammed, Founder Eyes of Light Foundation Ghana

In 2010, after one of his trips to his hometown of Kumasi in Ghana, Mohammed decided that he could no longer simply stand by and watch the increasing misery and lack of prospects of the growing number of street children.

So far, the Eyes of Light Foundation has already built an orphanage and a school for orphans and street children.

They also intend to build 200 wells in villages without their own water supply (dry areas in the WA region) to address the root cause of these children's rural exodus.

Their projects also include free vocational training (tailoring) for destitute young people in Tafo (suburb of Kumasi). The training has started in 2019 and with NAO Studios we want to ensure the transition into a safe profession.

Learn more about Eyes of Light

Samira, Founder NAO Studios

I have been working in the fashion industry for over 13 years. So both privately and professionally I have experienced different processes and mechanisms (and their impact) for the production of fashion along the entire value chain.
The fast fashion industry is booming and unfortunately still growing.
It allows for the increasingly frequent consumption of fashion at very low prices that bear no relation to the actual cost of the products, which is borne by the seamstresses, producers and our planet.
Greenwashing, non-transparency, omission of facts...and already companies seem to be fair and sustainable without really doing anything for people and the environment.
I don't just question this construct, I want to change it together with many other activists and visionaries and support and grow the fair fashion sector.

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