Our Materials

Organic Cotton

Due to the fact that no toxic chemicals are used in the cultivation of organic cotton, the soil is not damaged, harmful emissions are minimized, the groundwater remains clean and there is no health risk for the farmers. Water consumption is about 70% less than the regular average, organic cotton is irrigated by up to 80% rainwater, and about 60% less energy is used.

When you choose to buy organic cotton, you're investing in water conservation, clean air, healthy soil, and a fairer life for farmers.

Our products made of 100 % Organic Cotton


The Lyocell fabrics from our fabric supplier “Lebenskleidung” are manufactured using Lyocell fiber technology developed by the Austrian company Lenzing (Tencel Lyocell). They use a closed-loop process which ensures that the auxiliary materials used in production can be reused up to 99%. Lenzing uses FSC® and PEFC™ certified wood from sustainable forestry for the production. Check out the technology here.

Our Products made of 100 % Lyocell

Our Suppliers

We have sought suppliers for our materials who share our values and who themselves care about a fair, sustainable and transparent value chain. We will try to question them regularly and give you as deep as possible honest insights.

  • Lebenskleidung


    We buy most of the basic qualities from "Lebenskleidung". The small Berlin-based company lives sustainability. The employees develop and source in Europe, ensuring fair working conditions and produce durable products that are all GOTS certified.

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  • Xoomba


    Our Second Fabric Supplier is Xoomba from Burkina Faso who work with locally produced organic cotton. They want to prove that we can make fashion harmless, that we can look good and treat people and the planet with respect at the same time.

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  • Amann Group


    The sewing threads of the Amann Groupmeet a high standards of a circular economy and recycled materials. So the organic cotton thread helps us to produce products which are biodegradable and/ or can be easily recycled. 

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  • Dortex


    Our products should be as easy as possible to recycle or biodegrade at the end of their lifetime. That's why we source the Care Labels from Dortex, who consciously weave the labels from undyed certified organic cotton yarn in Germany.

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