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New Memories Bag

New Memories Bag

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Made by the Eyes of Light Training Program & some amazing artisans from Ghana.

The fabric (in Ghane "Kente") for our Bag was made from 100% cotton on a traditional weaving loom, by the incredible artisans Opoku, Kwaku, Akuaku & Fusu. Check out our Instagram story for a few glimpses of our time together in Kumasi, Ghana.

In Kente production, cotton yarn (silk is also possible) is woven into stripes on traditional weaving looms. These differ in width depending on the region of production. The individual narrow strips of fabric are sewn together lengthwise at the end and are sewn into bucket hats by the Eyes of Light training program. 

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Material Transparency

Cotton Fibre, Country of Origin: unknown

Fabric: Made of 100% Cotton - Produced in Ghana I by Opoku & his Team

Thread: Made of 100% certified Organic Cotton I by Amann Group

Label: 100% certified organic cotton I by Dortex

Garment: Made in Kumasi, Ghana, by the Eyes of Light Tailoring Training Program - Check out the care label to see exactly which seamstress made your garment :-)

Price Calculation

Material: 15,60 €

Logistics: 8,15 €

Eyes of Light: 8,00 €

Company Costs: 9,43 €

Taxes: 7,82 €

Check out here how the price is made up

Care Instructions

Please wash by hand.

Soak product. When washing, it is best to avoid strong wringing and rubbing. Use water with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. You can hang the cardigan to dry, but it is recommended to let it dry lying down, as it is much gentler than hanging.

Washed too hot, the bag may shrink.


Each bag is unique because we use the individual fabric strips of the fabric as a guide when cutting (See description Kente fabric). But as an orientation we can give you the following dimensions:
Height 38 x width 38 cm

Shipping & Returns

For the sake of the environment, we collect the orders and ship CO2 neutral with DHL Go Green. Please allow us a processing time of 4-6 business days.

Check out the Shipping Policy and Return policy.

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